hikes, camping and something grilled, pls.

Easy Hikes/ Wheelchair accessible views
Balanced Rock
0.3 miles round trip
(about a 20 minutes hike)

Delicate Arhe
0.5 miles round trip
(this hike is estimated to take around 10-30 minutes)

Moderate Hike
Park Avenue 2 mile round trip this will take approximately 2 hours

Difficult Hike
Double O Arches Hike (you can do it!)     
4.5 miles round trip, this trip took us around 3 hours. Water bladders are necessary for any hike in the desert. This hike is categorized as difficult in the arches website. 

  • bring snack for top of hike (sandwiches, nuts, protein bars)
  • sun hat 
  • Waterbladder,  (extremely important)
  • hike early in the morning, or when the sun is going down.
  • the sun is too strong after 12pm avoid hiking at peak sun time

too hot, need food now

Breakfast/Lunch Menu
Wake & Bake cafe located right outside of arches national park great place to grab burgers, sandwiches, or tacos (great tacosssss)

dinner option
desert bistro- fine dining, wine (pricier option)


Canyonlands RV Resort- Great place for every kind of family, private showers,laundry facility, hookups for rvs with a very helpful staff. (10 minute drive to arches national park)


  • portable stove makes & a campground makes for great burgers (cheap dinner/lunch alternative)
  • there is a market located in the campground where they sell beer, and essentials 

Banff National Park