banff you're such a bamf

Lake Louise you are the prettiest shade of blue I have ever seen.

Highly recommended hikes

Lake Agnes Tea house hike 4.5 miles round trip, this hike is located next to lake Louise and the views are spectacular. My favorite views were from this hike, on the way up you stumble upon two more lakes, a waterfall, AND a teahouse that hummus sandwich and hot chocolate was worth every step up that mountain.
Lake Minnewanka, this lake offers boat tours motorboat rentals, kayaks and a number of trails.
 When visiting Banff national park stay inside the park, we made the mistake of staying in Calgary, which is an hour away. Having to drive every day one hour to go back to the park was not so bad but there is a numerous amount of hotels within the park that are much more convenient.

its going down in banff town

Banff upper hot springs I wasn’t expecting this to be a pool, I was expecting a natural hot spring. But it is a pool and it is hot and the weather is cold and it feels perfect. It is $7.50 to enter they also rent you lockers and bathing suits if you need.

Banff Gondola experience, this glass encased gondola takes you to the top of the mountain and offers you the best view mountain range views. There is multiple restaurants at the top, they require reservations but it is a nice romantic way to spend the evening.

This little town is surrounded by restaurants, bars, shops and oh so many souvenirs stores. You can spend your afternoon unwinding after your hikes walking around this town. The Banff sign located at the bottom of this page is right outside of the town and hotels surround the town.