Breathtaking altitudes

rocky mountain national park

Emerald Lake trail is  3.5 miles round trip, elevation 9,475 feet. We are from Miami where the elevation is 6.56 feet. Acclimating to this altitude was difficult, the first five minutes we really did not think we were going to make it. As we slowly adapted to the altitude the hike got easier and it was worth every breathless breath.
There are a number of different easy/moderate/difficult hikes emerald lake is the one that is most commonly recommended by the park rangers. Bring a water bladder! This makes the feeling of near death a tad bit better. In the link below you will find an extensive list of all the hikes offered in the park.





Flatirons-There is multiple hikes that you can do to experience the flatirons, for a moderate two mile hike I would suggest the Flatiron Loop Trail. Tips and hike list available in the link below. 


Pearl Street Mall-  shops, restaurants, free live music. Everything you might want or need for your authentic Colorado experience can be found on this strip. Spectacular views of the Colorado Rockies can be seen from anywhere. (SO MUCH FOOD SO LITTLE TIME)

high hello hey denver​​


Denver Museum of Nature & Science (IMAX theatre and many exhibits plan to stay at least 2.5 hours) 

Denver Botanic Gardens, amazing year round plus there is a cafe and a bistro inside (AMAZingggg Burgers) 

The Coors Brewery Tours (BIGGEST brewery in the world) worth touring if you ask me, 30 minutes walk around tour. Since Colorado is a mile high Coors taste oh so yummy from way up here. 


If you are going to go hiking more than one day I suggest staying in Boulder because it is closer to Rocky Mountain National Park. 
There is a number of Airbnbs in the area, there is also a ton of hotels in the immediate area. Denver and Boulder are half an hour away from eachother, where you stay should depend on where you plan on spending the most amount of time. 

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