sunsets from santa monica pier 

West Coast sunsets, you truly take my breath away

We began our day by a quick run on the venice beach boardwalk, went back and enjoyed the water/ dodged waves in venice.

With an hour until sunset we decided to start our walk towards Santa Monica pier (about 2mile walk) Down the boardwalk there are hundreds of vendors on the street selling art work, jewlery, food, etc. you name it they sell it. 

We bought the coolest painting from daft pixel. The vendor described the painting in detail and completely blew our minds. Check out his art down below. 


The street vendors had the most orginal creative items I had ever laid my eyes on. You can also hit muscle beach to do some work outs (or if you are like me watch people do very cool tricks while eating icecream) 

On the pier there is food galore and multiple rides, tickets are purchased depending on what you want to ride.

The sunset from the ferris wheel is a dream
(Very romantic spot, boys take note)


This was a beautiful day walk however once the sun went down all the vendors were closed the shops were shut there was graffiti on the doors and people that closely resembled zombies (drugged out humans) walking around.

If I were to do this again I would take an uber back to venice beach to pick up the car.


Lake Hollywood Park, the best spot to sit and see the hollywood sign, it is a dog park but no worries, it is people friendly.

We took our mini cooler, sandwiches and our picnic blanket and enjoyed the view with the many puppies that came to greet us.

There is a hiking path to get to the top of the hollywood sign it is about a six mile hike round trip all a matter of what view of the sign you would like to have. 

Hollywood stars, this goes for blocks and blocks and it is very difficult to find the persons star you want to find, if you ask google where a star is located it gives you the street number and makes it a little easier to find. Be prepared to spend a few hours looking down.

Hollywood & Highland is a mall that is located in the center of all the stars and it has everything from ice cream to beer to get your spirits back up so you can keep walking around and finding your favorite star. 

After this you can go and check out the fast and furious house which is around the area or drive around beverly hills and dream of what your house would look like if you were rich.