mist or rain?

Niagara Falls, I could stare at you for an eternity. 

The adventure pass is worth every single penny,  there are three options the link is below so you are able to choose which pass is right for you. Also if you visit after November 5th there is a different pass which is $25 60% off the original pass.

Hornblower, journey behind the falls, and the white water walk is my absolute favorite. 

They provide raincoats in all excursions.

Make sure to set some time aside to just marvel at the falls.


Dinner at the Skylon Tower,

This is the adventure that I always dreamed about, 520 feet up in the air in a rotating tower with views of bridal viel falls, the american falls, and horseshoe falls. 

Reservations must be made in advance they do tend to fill up rather quickly especially during high season.

Do not put anything on the ledge because it will take one hour to get back to that spot.  

The wine is so good. 
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