Oh hey there, future arizona lover.

Best time: Mid May-September 

Pheonix (PHX) - 5 hours from antelope canyon
Car Rental:
 Rent a 4x4 for the rough terrain (Search  Hotwire for great deals)
pick up and drop off to the airport


-Arrive to Arizona
-Begin the drive to antelope canyon (5 hour drive from Pheonix) 
-Call ahead to make camping or hotel accomodations 
nearest campsite: Page Lake Powell Campground 
​nearest hotel: Best Western at Lake Powell 
-Set up camp and enjoy the beautiful arizona sunset


-Wake up nice and early and head to antelope canyon​
you MUST hike with a tour guide you can book your tours online!
​(Bring cash $8 per person fee to enter the park) 
11 Minute Drive
-Hike antelope canyon 
14 Minute Drive
-Fiesta Mexicana for lunch
5 Minute Drive 
-Hanging Gardens (1 mile hike) 
12 Minute Drive
-Watch the sunset in Stud Horse Point 
17 Minute Drive
-Set Camp for the night-Page Lake Powell


2 hours and 25 minutes 
-Wake up, Pack up camp and drive to the Grand Canyon- South Rim 
-Arrive: when driving through the park there will be a number of stops on your way to the campground, stop in each one and you will see different views on the grand canyon. When you get to Mather point you have a nice overview of the canyon. Take lots of pictures 
 (Your insta will thank you later)
-Call ahead and make over night reservations-  Mather Campground- Grand Canyon  or Hotel Accomadations within the park
8 Minutes from Mather Campground 
-Grab lunch  or dinner at the Yavapai Tavern open from 3pm-10pm daily 
-Set up Camp and go watch the sunset from mather point 
- Wake up around 2am-3am and look up at the milky way, Gaurenteed best view

day four ​​

3 Hours and 40 Minutes 
-Grand Canyon to Desert Botanical Garden 
-Grab Lunch in Gertrude's Restaurant   click to see the menu
-(Mini Hike) to "hole in the rock"
-Pheonix Zoo
-Check into Hotel, drink a glass of wine, have dinner and look back at the amazing pictures from your amazing Hikes
-Fly out the next morning

Budget Layout(BASED ON SEPTEMBER Pricing) 

Camping (tent) : $28.00 per night
Antelope Canyon Hotel:$263 (1 night)
Antelope Canyon entry: $8 per person
Antelope Canyon Tour: $45.50 per person 

Grand Canyon Hotel: $255 (1 night)
​Grand Canyon Camping (Tent): $18 per night
Grand Canyon Entry: $12 (per person)
Car Rental: $100
Food budget: $150 (Per Person)

Pheonix Hotel: $120
Botanical Garden: $25
Pheonix Zoo: $25

Grand Total (Camping): $560.00
Grand Total (Hotel) : $1,003